Olympic & Bundy: Mending Kids: Critical surgical care for sick children

I'm joined by Dr. Andre Panossian (Plastic Surgeon and his wife Jill Simonian, The CEO of 'Mending Kids' Isabelle Fox, and patient Stephanie Jacinto.

'Mending Kids' is working in 64 countries -- including the U.S. Dr. Andre Panossian whose specialty is facial paralysis has been on multiple missions. He just got back from Armenia. 

He also does the 'Mending Kids Hometown Mission' where a group of surgeons volunteer for a day in L.A. doing 18 outpatient surgeries in one day. And he’s also on the MK Board. 

Wife Jill Simonian and their kids accompanied him to Armenia. She’s also a volunteer extraordinaire and fundraiser for 'Mending Kids.' 

Isabelle Fox is the Executive Director for 'Mending Kids.' She started as a volunteer and has been on upwards of 40 missions. 

Stephanie Jacinto Patient 20 years old. Patient from Home Town Mission (Hometown mission surgeries are for people or procedures that fall through the cracks. Not like the life-saving procedures we do around the world) 

On October 13, 2019, Mending Kids hosts a fundraising hike. "Hike to Mend" is a 5-mile hike to illustrate the distance most of our patients & parents must walk to find medical care.

For more information about 'Mending Kids,' visit https://www.mendingkids.org.

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