Woolsey Fire victims re-visit their homes as transformed women

For most of us the ravages of the Woolsey Fire are fading into the past. But if you lost a home in the fire the healing process is barely beginning.

FOX 11's Zohreen Adamjee introduces us to some Woolsey Fire victims who took their first step toward healing.

Several women look into a mirror as a blow dryer runs over their hair, culminating a morning of pampering and transformation.

It's been weeks since many of these women have looked in the mirror...and really recognized themselves

"This kind of thing brings me back to earth....it makes me feel normal," says Christina Longobardi Paradiso

Normal, after the Woolsey fire destroyed their Malibu homes last month

"I lost not just my entire house, but I lost my livelihood. And I lost my persona," said Bibi Jordan.

Jordan is trying to bring some of that persona back.

On Monday, she arranged for five of her female friends to get a free makeover and a unique healing experience: A photoshoot in front of their burned out homes.

"If my friends who had lost their homes like me could see themselves in a still photograph - glorious, beautiful, strong, standing on the remains of their house, they would know whatever dream they had for the future - they could realize that dream," said Jordan.

Jordan's friend, Chantal Gillberg followed a shaman through the wreckage of what was once her home.

"You feel like you're still here, I was feeling wow - displaced - not knowing exactly after," said Gillberg.

The women's stories will be included in Jordan's upcoming documentary - about how they're are getting their strength back.

"I do feel this is a power I'm going to get back. And it's going to be fantastic," said Gillberg.

For some of them, the dream of reconstructing their homes is still far off. But through their sisterhood, they're slowly rebuilding their lives.

"It's not the land that makes home, it's the person who makes. home. the bones are gone, but the spirit is still so strong here," said Paradiso