Woman goes viral after asking Adam Sandler for a job

A young woman is going to great lengths to try to work for Adam Sandler. FOX 11's Hailey Winslow spoke to the young woman who went viral for attempting to get his attention.

Charlotte Jolley moved to Los Angeles about a year ago. The 23-year-old does sketch comedy for YouTube, but her dream is to work for Adam Sandler.

She's taken extreme measures in hope of making Sandler her boss – including a webpage and hashtag, #AdamHireCharlotte.

Jolley story-boarded her "Message to Sandler" video, nearly emptying her bank account to produce it and got her family and dozens of friends to help.

She has tried to get Sandler's attention with signs and fliers, but it goes without saying that she has encountered some speed bumps.

"There was one point where I got all in business-casual, and I decided I was going to be super confident so they couldn’t deny me at the Netflix studio," Jolley explained. "But fun fact, they did deny me."

Jolley said if you want results nobody else has, you have to do things that no one else has done in the past.

"I haven’t gotten a restraining order yet," Jolley said, with a laugh. "Some people who don’t know you might think this is a little crazy… I think this all comes from a really good place and that is part of why I got a lot of my friends to vouch for my character to say, ‘Hey, you should hire her.’"

Jolley said she'd work for Happy Madison Production in any capacity. Ideally, she's hoping to someday be in a movie that she had theoretically written alongside the Happy Gilmore star.

FOX 11 made calls to Sandler's publicist but the actor was not available for comment.