Will Smith joins wife Jada in protest, not attending the Academy Awards

Will Smith said he will not be attending this year's Oscar ceremony, saying in part, "This is about children who are going to sit down and they're going to watch the show and they're not going to see themselves represented."

He talked to ABC's Good Morning America about the lack of diversity in this year's Oscar Nominations.

"I think that diversity is the American super power. That's why we're great. So many people from so many places adding their ideas, their inspiration... So when I look at the series of nominations from the Academy, it's not reflecting that beauty," said Smith.

For the second year in a row, it's all white actors in the acting and supporting acting categories.

Smith's interview comes after his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, released a video saying she wouldn't be attending Hollywood's biggest night.

We must stand in our power.

Many say there needs to be change. The former Academy president, Hawk Koch, says he personally believes the solution should start with giving minorities greater access to the industry.

"I honestly don't think the academy should panic and all of a sudden change its rules so that maybe a film that has diverse actors or a film that has diversity in it will get nominated, so that everyone can say, 'We dodged that bullet.' I don't think that's the answer. I think the answer is to give people with color and of all diverse areas - give them access and opportunity to become members of the industry," said Koch.

The current president of the Academy didn't return FOX 11's request for comment. But the New York Times reports the Academy is expected to announce ways to make Oscar nominations more diverse as early as next week.

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