Whitening Your Teeth With..Charcoal?

There's nothing more L-A than a bright white smile-- but professional teeth whitening costs hundreds of dollars.

So, when we saw photos and videos all over social media promoting activated charcoal as a cheap, do it yourself whitener? We were all over it!

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According to posts on Pinterest and Youtube- all you need is activated charcoal pills- available at any health food store-- water and a brush.

Here's how you do it, empty a couple charcoal pills into a bowl with some water. Mix it up into a paste, apply on your teeth and wait about 5 minutes.

According to experts activated charcoal naturally binds with stains on the surface of your teeth like coffee, tea, wine, and plaque and removes them.
After 5 minutes, we brush off our black grins to see if it worked!

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