White House proposing to change how millions of Americans eat

The Trump administration wants to replace food stamps to low-income families with government-mandated harvest boxes of food.

It's an out of the box idea.... raising a lot of questions.

The idea is to trim funding for EBT cards --and send a package of fresh food to needy recipients each month instead.

The proposal would change the supplemental nutrition assistance program...or SNAP....once known as food stamps.

The Trump administration wants to create a program replacing half the food money families get each month-- with 100% U-S- grown food and non-perishable items like peanut butter, canned foods and cereal.

Supporters--even EBT users--say it could cut down on abuse.

"People do misuse their food stamps or they blow it all on junk food," said current food stamp recipient, Douglas Powers.

But not everyone's on board.

At the LA mission--they make 700 boxes of food a week for needy families.

But even so-- L-A Mission's President, says THIS plan on this kind of scale.. isn't a practical one.

"What's the process for matching, if I go on Amazon and order food like you and I - I can pick out what I want, I have some options......not everyone has availability to the internet, what's the system behind that?" said President Herbert Smith.

He also questions WHERE the food would be send if you're homeless.

Others, like the owner of Green Apple Market, say they accept government money for their goods, and fear a program change could be a big hit on his business.

"It is going to affect us, it is going to hurt us," said Owner Al Malabeh.

But despite hurting his own business, the owner believes the proposed program would help the country, not hurt.

"It is a good idea to control the abuse- it's a good idea to give nutrition to people if they can manage it well," said Malabeh.

The president's budget still needs to be approved by Congress.

It will likely face modifications at that time.

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