What will happen to the Playboy Mansion now that Hugh Hefner has passed?

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died Wednesday night at the age of 91, leaving behind a legacy of silk pajamas and centerfolds.

Hefner once said he'd like to be remembered as a person who helped change the way the world views sexuality.

Today, the man who helped bring sexual liberation to the mainstream is on the way to his final resting place.

Hefner departed the Playboy Mansion for the final time Thursday morning before dawn. His body was driven away in a slow-moving motorcade.

Hugh M. Hefner will eventually be laid to rest next to Marilyn Monroe, who was the first-ever centerfold in Playboy Magazine.

FOX 11 reporter Phil Shuman joined us live outside the Playboy Mansion - which represented so much more than a home for Hefner and his friends.

"It's gated, guarded, walled, secluded, and hard to find, but that did not stop a parade of tourists and locals alike from coming to the Playboy mansion today in Holmby Hills to take pictures of the outside.

Though Hugh Hefner sold his famously hedonistic party mansion for a mere $100 million a year ago, he did so with the provision of he could live there until his death, which of course happened last night.

The new owner, a businessman whose family revived the iconic Hostess food brand, has said that he will simply create a large 7.5-acre compound, adding the Playboy mansion the state to the property next-door he also purchased from after seven years ago for "only " 18-million dollars.

Sounds like a great plan , maybe he'll have a party and invite me."