West Hollywood couple speaks out about living with COVID-19

Matt Schulte is a West Hollywood photographer who is self quarantined at home along with his girlfriend after he got sick in Aspen and tested positive for COVID-19.

He first got very sick on March 10. When he got sick on March 13 he went to the ER after calling around to several urgent care centers.

He then tested for COVID-19 on March 13. Got his results, positive, on March 17.

Two days later FOX 11 started talking with Schulte each and every day to track his progress.

We also met his girlfriend Danielle who has a milder version of the virus and is feeling better.

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Schulte is now taking part in a potential at-home test for the coronavirus.

Schulte was asked to take part in a potential at-home coronavirus test. With it, he tested positive for a second time for COVID-19, after first testing at an ER when he first got sick.

He says he’s at the stage of “shedding” the virus.

Matt has been home in quarantine and like 80% of those who will get the coronavirus appears to be self-resolving as they call it.

He says he was first told to take just NyQuil before being prescribed a cough suppressant, Primatene for his lungs, and an inhaler.

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Schulte is young, healthy and apparently has been able to fight off the virus at home.

While he is still testing positive (shedding the virus) he says the symptoms are largely gone. But still, come and go.

He is quarantining at home with his girlfriend Danielle to not spread the virus as we know the most vulnerable could end up in the hospital or even die.

FOX 11's Christine Devine contributed

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