Wednesday's Child: Jason and Haley want to spend future Christmases together again

‘Tis the season to be merry and bright, so join us as we meet up with a brother and sister team who truly sparkle! We join Jason and Haley at Snowy Pines Christmas Trees in Long Beach to participate in some nostalgic holiday traditions, including choosing Christmas trees and visiting with Santa!

Making their way through the mud left behind by recent rains, recent winter, 10-year-old Jason escorted his sister through the Christmas tree farm. Along the way, Jason tells us he loves soccer and has "skills." He wants to play professionally someday. Scholastically, Jason enjoys math as well as the activities offered at school. Jason is very nurturing towards his little sister Haley and thinks the world of her.

Haley, 7, tells us she loves school because of the awesome play area her school has. Haley is already displaying the heart of a veterinarian, sharing how she loves puppies and wants to be able to help them when she grows up. Haley is bonded and attached to Jason, in part because — as Haley puts it — "he loves and protects me." Haley has no problem displaying her style and flair, and chose a flocked, white tree because she has a vision to decorate it with blue and silver ornaments.

Jason and Haley picked out separate trees because they are currently placed in different foster homes. Both children say they miss each other and want to live together. Their wish to be raised together as part of a permanent family isn’t just a wish, but rather a need. Jason and Haley look forward to future Christmases where they are part of the same adoptive family, celebrating holidays and milestones together in a home full of love, joy … and maybe even some puppies!

Tune in to Wednesday’s Child and watch as Denise, Jason and Haley search for their Christmas trees. Then to learn more about adopting, call 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).