WATCH: Firefighters push disabled veteran home when his electric wheelchair battery dies

A group of firefighters in Missouri didn't need to put out a blaze to be heroes.

A video shared to Facebook by the Raytown Fire Protection District shows three firefighters pushing a disabled elderly veteran home after he got stuck in mud and the battery on his electric wheelchair died.

"What happens when a fire truck comes upon a citizen whose electric wheelchair has stopped working, you get out and help them home," the department wrote on Facebook.

Deputy chief Mike Hunley tells Yahoo that they came across the veteran after his chair got stuck in muddy grass. When he was finally freed, the battery was too low and he was far from home. So, the firefighters jumped in and pushed him seven blocks to his house.

Viewers like Erin Barrett have been thanking the team for a job well done.

"Great job! I pray daily this doesn't happen to me! If it does I hope my fire friends are there for me ❤️