Here's what this optical illusion reveals about your brain

This optical illusion going viral online can apparently reveal what your thought process is like. 

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According to Facts Factory, which direction you interpret the character running determines if you have more of a female brain or male brain. Take a look:

Optical illusion

Now is the man running toward you or away from you? 

He's running away from you

According to Facts Factory, if you interpret the man as running away, you have more of a "female brain." You have excellent analytical and reasoning skills. As a result, you often don’t jump to conclusions and take your time before making decisions. However, you're not so great at multitasking, according to the website.

He's running toward you

These users have a more "male" brain. According to the website, seeing the man running toward you means that you aren’t afraid to tackle life’s obstacles head-first. You often use analytical skills and sound reasoning to deal with challenging situations. 

The conclusion is, "You can always count on your intuition and excellent senses," the site says.

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