VIDEO: Special needs child bullied and beaten at South LA middle school

Kylan Stanley is a 6th grader. He's 11-years old. His passion is playing the drums, but his fear is being bullied and beaten.

His mom, Tara Melton, says her son was bullied and beaten on the Harte Preparatory Middle School campus by two other kids. He's a special education student and, according to Melton, so were the ones giving Kylan a hard time.

The bullying escalated to a fist-fight. Happened twice. She says, "They called him fat...they talked about his hair. They talked about his face."

Kylan says, "One of the boys kept messing with me and I said stop leave me alone and they wouldn't leave me alone…so, one boy jumped on my back and he choked me."

Melton complained to the school. She went to the police. Nothing changed.

Since the fight, she's kept her son home... did some homeschooling because he was too scared to go back to his real one. Says Kylan, "I feel like someone is going to hit me or someone is going to butt me. I'm just scared."

When we arrived at Harte Middle School we first encountered two women from the school district. They didn't comment but LAUSD sent us a statement saying "the district takes all matters concerning school/student safety very seriously."

Melton didn't agree with that assessment which is why she came to us for help. I showed the video to the new assistant principal and said he said something would be done. About an hour and a half later we saw Tara Melton at the school. She says she was summoned there. Officials wanted to talk to her about the video.

We asked her what was said and she told us, "they said they're going to place Kylan at another school." But, getting that result - which is the one she wanted - wasn't easy. Melton says, "it took three weeks of phone calls, Channel 11...calling the police" and having a video.

Had she not had that video, shot by another student, Melton says "it might not have moved as quickly as it has now."

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