VIDEO: Man uses axe to destroy street vendor's fruit stand in Woodland Hills

A popular fruit vendor in Woodland Hills was attacked and his cart destroyed- and it was all caught on camera. 

Neighbors say the man, who has not been identified, is a bully and a nuisance. 

Friends of the fruit vendor held a rally to support him, but the man showed up there, too.

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Neighbors say this is typical of the man, being aggressive with everyone, calling people insulting names, using racist slurs, and threatening violence. 

Mike, a community advocate, said this attack was not the first incident. The man lives in the neighborhood, according to residents, but he has not been formally identified by police.  

"This is the same guy that's been attacking people for quite a while now. He attacks street vendors, and he's basically destroying their carts, destroying their fruits, all their merchandise, whatever he can. He's very destructive with his behavior. He's very belligerent. Everything he says is nonsense," said Mike.

Mike said advocates have confronted the man several times to ask about his actions, and they don't receive a response from the man, but he continues to harass the vendors.

"He intimidates them. A lot of these vendors are scared. They're Latino guys and are younger so they feel intimidated," said Mike.

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Mike said he was "shocked" when he saw the recent video of the man with the axe.

"I thought he would learn his lesson from the first time because the first time he was arrested," said Mike.

Police arrested the man back in the spring after community members protested at the man's house following a similar vendor attack. The man allegedly cursed at the protesters and sprayed them with a hose. He was arrested for battery.  

Toni Crey just moved into the neighborhood and is disappointed by the man's actions.  

"To have it happen on the block that you just moved into can be really sad but we always try to do the right thing so I'd like to make sure this gentleman (the vendor) is ok," she said.

The vendor, Jonathan Alvarez Marcus, told FOX 11 that his stand is now destroyed, and he has to buy a new one in order to work. He said he is saddened by the incident because he was not harming anyone, and was working to help support his family.

Neighbors in the area said the man who attacked the vendor has his home for sale, and they are hoping he moves.

"I think he's doing this because he knows he's gonna leave and he's taking advantage but that doesn't mean he's not gonna be held accountable for his actions," said Mike.

The community is planning a special event for the vendor this weekend.