VIDEO: Man arrested for pulling gun after Cudahy council meeting

An anti-sanctuary demonstrator was arrested for pulling a gun on a pro-sanctuary group in Cudahy.

It happened Monday night at the Circle K gas station on Wilcox Avenue about a block away from where a city council meeting, attended by those on both sides sanctuary city debate, ended.

A car with Trump supporters was approached by a group of pro-sanctuary city citizens who began yelling and surrounding the car.

That's when the driver, a retired peace officer with a conceal carry permit pointed his gun at the crowd. He was arrested for brandishing a firearm.

Julia Wick, the Editor in Chief for LAist said, "It's become a really unlikely battleground in the sanctuary city debate along with a couple of other small and predominately Latino communities in south east la county."

She says Anti-immigration groups started showing up in 2015 to city council meetings after the cities voted to be labeled sanctuary cities.

American Children First is one of those groups which is also trying to partially de-fund Cudahy with local ballot measures.

Joseph Turner, the president of American Children First said, "I'm absolutely not trying to punish the community because it's Latino I'm punishing the community because they defend policies that support illegal aliens.