VIDEO: Family rescued from flood waters on side of San Bernardino road

Body camera footage from over the weekend shows the moments when San Bernardino Police officers rescued a family of three from floodwaters on the side of a road in the city.

In the video, multiple officers can be seen dragging and grabbing a woman under the arms, pulling her out of fast-moving waters. According to initial reports, the woman and her two children called the police asking for help with an unrelated issue. After they called, heavy rains swept through the area, leading to flash flooding, pulling the woman and her two children with her.

Seconds later, the video shows an officer carrying one of the two children in his arm, while two other officers help him cross the waist-high waters. Officers then help the other two cross the surging water onto the road to safety. 

SUGGESTED: Mudslides force evacuations in San Bernardino County communities

A storm cell swept through parts of San Bernardino County Monday afternoon and pushed heavy rain into the area, especially up in the mountains where some communities saw two inches of rain per hour.

Video shows some roads were washed out and several cars and homes were damaged by mud. The flooding and mudslides forced evacuations in the area

The San Bernardino Police Department did not provide any information on the condition of the woman and her two children.