Video allegedly shows police officer involved in sex act inside patrol car in Santa Ana

A video has surfaced showing a police officer in Santa Ana allegedly involved in a sex act in his patrol vehicle.

The video shows a uniformed officer sitting in the driver side apparently exposed below the waist in what appears to be a sex act with a civilian who is sitting in the passenger side of that marked police cruiser.

The incident happened at the train tracks near a recycling facility on South Main Street last April.

The police cruiser pulls up and the officer clears the homeless from a camp nearby but instead of driving off, the officer parks by a wall setting the stage for the illicit video.

The video was turned over to the Santa Ana Police Department who is conducting an investigation. The department released a statement that reads:

"We are aware of the video released by a media outlet. There is an ongoing internal investigation. It is the City's policy not to comment on any personnel matters."

The police officer in the video has not been identified.

Fox 11 reporter Ed Laskos contributed to this report