VIDEO: 16-foot snake slithers across roof, climbs trees

PHOTO: @iamiandyi on TikTok

It's a video that will make you glad that these types of snakes aren't around in Southern California. A cell phone video is going viral on social media as a 16-foot-tall Australian snake slithers over a building's roof before climbing a nearby tree.

The man who shared the video, @iamiandy, captioned his post, in-part, as "Only in Australia."

The giant reptile, identified by the man sharing the video and witnesses as a carpet snake, left the witnesses in the video impressed, as one of the people in the video was overheard commenting, "Freaky, aren't they?"

A child was heard crying in the background after an adult witness screamed, "Oh, f*****g ****!"

@iamiandyi Only in Australia will you see a 5 metre long Carpet Snake in the suburbs. #snake #onlyinaustralia🇦🇺 #sellthehouse ♬ original sound - Andrew Anthony