VIDEO: 15 adorable ducklings invade Orlando car dealership

An Orlando car dealership recently had some adorable customers walk into their showroom: a family of ducks!

"The mom (duck) made a nest right outside my office." said U.S. Marine, the Managing Partner of Sutherlin Nissan Orlando. "Soon after, there were 15 ducklings. We knew that we had to welcome them all into the Sutherlin family."

U. S. Marine posted video of the family of ducks waddling into the dealership where they were promptly greeted and given a snack.

Marine and his team at Sutherlin built a small pond next to the showroom window where they would feed the ducks, who he has now dubbed the 'store's mascots.'

"I think they are our pets now for sure," he captioned one video.

The ducklings are growing bigger and have now become a staple at the dealership. Customers can often see them coming inside to visit and check out the latest rides.

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