Veterinarians and dog owners fight for medical marijuana bill for pets

Pet owners and veterinarians are fighting for a bill that will give them a new way to help ailing animals with medical marijuana, more specifically CBD.

That bill is AB2215 and it would give veterinarians the right to discuss the use of medical marijuana and CBD with pet owners without fear of being disciplined by the state board or worst having their license revoked.

FOX11 spoke with a long time proponent of the bill doctor Gary Richter during the CBD Expo in Anaheim Saturday. He's also known as "America's Favorite Vet."

"You can go into a dispensary and get advice from a guy behind the counter, you can go into a pet store and get advice from the 16-year-old kid that's working at the pet store, but you go into your veterinarian and you ask these questions and they say I'm sorry, I can't help you, I'm legally forbidden and it makes no sense," Dr. Richter said.

CBD stand for cannabidiol which is a compound found in the cannabis plant.

Supporters say, people who have prescriptions for medical marijuana have already been buying it for their pets.

Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30th to sign it into law. If he does, this will be the first step in allowing veterinarians to be able to someday recommend the use of marijuana products to treat pets.