Veteran saves shelter dogs to save other vets

Marine Corps veteran Richard Brewer was saved by his dog, Anka. Not on the battlefield, but when he returned home and faced a new battle -- A battle with PTSD.

"I felt society had just tossed me aside and I couldn't find my way," Brewer told FOX 46.

Things were so bad he attempted suicide. Fortunately he found a reason to live, and rescued Anka from the pound.

"I took her and she needed me. But unbeknownst, I needed her more," Brewer said.

After seeing the impact Anka had on his life, Brewer founded One Warrior Won. The organization selects well-vetted dogs from high-kill shelters and puts them into an extensive PTSD service dog program before pairing them with veterans.

Those veterans include Derek Jacob and his dog "Kramer".

"If he's (Kramer's) there, he's always willing to do something for me, my family can see it. My stress level's gone down a lot," Jacob said.

And veteran Scott Alexander who was given the confidence he was lacking by his dog "Delta."

"She's changed my life. This summer, for the past years, I haven't really left the house much. She's come and rescued me is how I look at it," Alexander offered.

Watch the video to see the difference their new friends are making.