UPS driver robbed at gunpoint while delivering package in Calabasas

A Calabasas homeowner's Ring doorbell video captured the moments leading up to a UPS delivery driver being robbed and gunpoint by a hooded criminal Wednesday afternoon.

It happened around 1:30 pm near Liberty Bell and Magna Carta, shortly after the driver dropped off a package at Chris Olney's house.

"Obviously a little scary for us, my wife came out to get the package he delivered to us and then just moments later he was robbed at gunpoint," he said.

His security video captured part of the armed robbery.

It shows the UPS driver dropping off a package on his porch before walking back to his truck.

Moments later, a hooded figure enters the frame, and moves towards the driver, armed with a gun.

It sounds like the driver can be heard saying "alright" repeatedly to the suspect, who tells the driver to "open the back."

A vehicle blocks most of the view, and the suspect only appears as a hooded shadow.

"No way to really identify anybody from it you can just see there was in fact a person there," Olney said.

The driver was not injured, and LASD detectives came out to the scene to work the case.

"I came back from work around 3ish and I saw a UPS truck and I saw a detective," said next door neighbor Sheryl Kaner. "I hope they find whoever did this, cause they're ruining someone's Christmas."

LASD did not have any new information as of Wednesday night.

UPS released the following statement to FOX 11:

"We are thankful that our employee is uninjured, UPS is cooperating with authorities and declines to comment on ongoing investigations."