Unvaccinated firefighter fired due to LA City vax mandate hoping to get jobs back

Matt Mammone, a former Los Angeles City firefighter/engineer with 15 years of service, expressed his sense of confusion and injustice following his termination for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine without seeking religious or medical exemption.

"For me, it just wasn't appropriate medical treatment," Matt shared candidly.

Now, with the city lifting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and offering a pathway for the return of terminated employees, Matt remains hopeful for reinstatement.

"I think they should let us all back, restore us," he stated.

"We were all members in good standing with the department prior to this."

However, the road to reinstatement seems uncertain for Matt and the 141 other city employees represented by Attorney Jennifer Kennedy.

Kennedy emphasized the inadequacy of the city's pathway for return, highlighting the lack of guarantees regarding seniority, back pay, and pension reinstatement.

"They're welcome to reapply, but there's no guarantee," Kennedy explained. "What do you do for a 35-year battalion chief that you took out of his command? You make him whole."

Echoing Kennedy's sentiments, Matt expressed his desire to be reinstated with back pay, emphasizing his eagerness to service his community.

"We'd all love to go back and finish out our careers serving the citizens of Los Angeles," Matt affirmed.