Unexplained explosions jolt the city of Alhambra

Random loud explosions are being reported in Alhambra, and no one seems to know where they're coming from.
Last month, several Alhambra residents started reporting multiple loud explosions on the website nextdoor.com.

A few days later, Alhambra Police posted a message on Facebook saying they were getting two or three calls per day - but couldn't find the origin.

The police contacted Southern California Edison, but they didn't know anything about it either.

Locals say the explosions are not coming from trains, or fireworks and sound more like sonic booms.

Reports say there are construction projects happening in the area - but no work was happening when the mysterious explosions were reported.

From Stephanie Stanton:

It's the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. Loud booms being heard in the city of Alhambra have people there scratching their heads.

Emanuel Pascual heard the strange sounds on five separate occasions in February and even tweeted about it. "When the explosions happen you look outside and there is nothing... You don't see anything that's going on... You don't hear no car alarms going off which is kind of strange." said Pascual.

Alex Arevalos heard them too. A sound so loud it shook his house.... He first thought it was a train that runs nearby. "usually the train is kind of a continuous... This was more of like a sudden jolt."

Beginning in mid-February, Alhambra police started getting calls about the mystery booms, the last time they were heard was february 22nd. And it's not just residents hearing the strange sounds... But firefighters... Police officers... Even city officials.

Christopher Paulson is the Director of Administrative Services for the city. He first heard the booms in mid-February. "We were at an event at the library in their open air patio and I heard it on the open air patio about 8 pm that night and it was a very loud explosion like noise... That's the best way I can think of to describe it at this point." said Paulson.

Paulson has contacted several state and federal agencies hoping to get to the bottom of it with no luck.
And with no clear answers... The loud booms for now, remain a mystery.

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