Watch this dog take 'leaping for joy' to a whole new level: 'Never gets old'

An adorable New York dog brought new meaning to the phrase "leaping for joy" when she was being picked up from doggy daycare.

Gigi the "twoodle" – a mix between a goldendoodle and a schnoodle – was so excited to see her owners, she leapt feet into the air as she waited for someone to open the door, video from Samantha Gibbs shows.

"It never gets old," Gigi’s dad can be heard saying as daycare staff "wow" in the background.

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"She’s got muscles," he boasted.

Gigi goes to daycare in Port Chester, New York, once or twice a week while her parents are at work. Her impressive leaps have gotten a lot of attention on TikTok.

"She gets so, so excited when she sees him – but she gets really excited whenever she sees anyone from my family coming to the door," Gibbs told Storyful. "She’s just the most lovable, happy dog who loves hard and jumps very high."

Another very special doggy daycare in Alaska also became an internet sensation on TikTok earlier this year. The husband-and-wife team, called Mo Mountains Mutts, post videos on their social media platforms showing them picking up all their pups on a doggy bus.