Twitter layoffs: Elon Musk may fire more employees this week, report says

Elon Musk is planning to fire more Twitter employees as soon as Monday, this time targeting the sales and partnership side of the business, Bloomberg reports.

This comes after mass resignations last week following Musk's ultimatum that employees either stay on and work long hours in a more "hardcore" version of Twitter or leave with severance pay.

Bloomberg reports several employees in technical roles opted to leave, compared to those in sales, partnerships, and similar roles.


Citing some Twitter employees, the agency mentioned that on Friday, Musk asked leaders in those organizations to agree to fire more employees. 

Since taking over Twitter less than three weeks ago, Musk has booted half of the company's full-time staff of 7,500 and an untold number of contractors responsible for content moderation and other crucial efforts. He fired top executives on his first day as Twitter's owner, while others left voluntarily in the ensuing days. Last week, he began firing a small group of engineers who took issue with him publicly or in the company's internal Slack messaging system.