Try These 4-Ingredient Recipes For Independence Day

(FOX 11) Barbecues on 4th of July are pretty standard, but in the South, where SOCIAL Costa Mesa's Executive Chef Jeffrey Boullt was trained, Fried Chicken is a popular Independence Day meal -- especially when paired with festive, delicious sides.

The best part about the recipes he made on Good Day LA? They only have FOUR ingredients, all of which you can pick up from your local grocery store!

"At SOCIAL, we do whole and half fried chicken, but for entertaining, it's best to make bite-sized pieces to keep your guests' hands free for snacking on yummy sides, desserts or drinks," Boullt explained. These are Jidori Chicken Oysters, which are found in the thigh, but you can use any kind that you like. Just bread them after dipping in the egg wash, and while they fry for 5-6 minutes, we can put together these fresh, light, and delicious sides."

First, we will make an Heirloom Tomato Panzanella Salad with Burrata, Toasted Ciabatta Bread, Persian Cucumber, Watermelon Radish, and Basil Vinaigrette

-Panzanella is the fancy term for bread salad.
-This salad makes me think of Summer and can be a show stopper with basic ingredients because of the seasonality.
-The dressing is so easy to make, just whisk together lemon, salt, oil, and basil.
-For the bread, you can use a baguette, and it's even better a day old!

Next Seared Radicchio with Fresh Figs, Gorgonzola, Prosciutto, Warm Honey and Thyme

-Basically another seasonally driven dish that can make even the most amateur of cooks look like they grew up cooking in Italy.
-You can sear the radicchio, or grill it! And the best part of the Warm Honey & Thyme sauce is that you can drizzle it over the chicken for a perfect sweet and savory bite.

Finally, this is the Grilled California Peaches with Goat Cheese, Arugula, Pecans, and Blackberry Bourbon Vinaigrette

-Whether the Peaches are grilled or warmed up in the oven, this play on hot and cold tastes great with the seasoning that finishes the Fried Chicken.

Some other side ideas:
-Napa Cabbage and Rainbow Carrot Slaw with Poppy Seeds And Greek Yogurt
-Pickled Watermelon
-Fingerling Potato and Blue Lake Bean Salad with Fresh Picked Dill, Creme Friache and Soft Boiled Eggs
-Corn on the Cob

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