Try the 'Fat Kid Dance Party': An exercise class with no judging and lots of high-fiving

The Fat Kid Dance Party is a liberation movement created by Bevin Branlandingham.

She says, "It's just simply the idea that no body of any size is inherently more or less valuable than another."

As a kid, Bevin would have never dreamed of leading a workout class. She says she was constantly being bullied for being fat and she then became her own worst bully.

"I just really believed all these lies that people told me about my body that I couldn't move and I wasn't good enough to move," says Bevin.

It took a long time for Bevin to learn how to love herself. Since then, she has reclaimed the dance floor as well as the word fat.

"I like reclaiming that word because I don't like to give people the opportunity to add stigma. So, I'm calling myself fat. You can't use it as an insult against me," says Bevin.

At the Fat Kid Dance Party, there's no judging and there's a lot of high-fiving.

Bevin says, "We high-five for self care. Whenever someone gets a drink of water, we do a high-five. When you're feeling the moves, you get a high five. Everybody gets a high five just for showing up cuz showing up is the hardest part of working out."

If you're interested in attending the Fat Kid Dance Party, classes are held on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.:

The Plus Bus Boutique
2701 West Avenue 34
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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