Travelers face flight cancellations, delays out of LAX due to winter storm

Some Holiday travelers can expect some unwanted gifts as flight cancellations and delays greet them at Los Angeles International Airport Friday.

A freezing winter storm moving across the country is creating a travel nightmare before Christmas on one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season.

More than 3,200 flights have been canceled nationwide, and the most affected cities are New York, Chicago and Denver.

A winter storm is moving through the central United States toward the East Coast Friday, and will affect about 135 million people over the weekend, according to reports from the National Weather Service.

At LAX, 149 flights were delayed and 85 flights were canceled Friday morning. Late in the evening, 14 flights were canceled from 9 to 11 p.m. Friday. On Saturday 125 flights were canceled out of LAX and more than 300 were delayed.

At Burbank, 20 flights were delayed and 12 were canceled Friday morning. Meanwhile, Ontario Airport reported 16 delays and 14 cancellations.

One traveler told FOX 11 that she had a 14-hour delay from LA to San Diego due to fog. 

The winter storm is creating problems for travelers at LAX and other airports in Southern California.

Southern California is expected to have the warmest temperatures in the country, with highs over 80 in some areas on Christmas Day.