How Trash Interceptor 007 aims to clean up the ocean

Where there's pollution in Ballona Creek, 007 is on the case. 

No, not the super spy - but the super trash-collecting machine.

Los Angeles County on Saturday unveiled at 73-foot floating barge that automatically picks up waste before it floats to the ocean.

The vessel is called Trash Interceptor 007.

Much like the secret agent, it takes no prisoners when it comes to harvesting bottles, plastics, and other types of debris. 

"Of course the beaches and the coastal waters of California are world-famous for being beautiful, but unfortunately, it's not after the rain, there's tons and tons of trash littered around, so hopefully that won't happen anymore going forward," said Boyan Slat, creator and CEO of Ocean Cleanup.

The machine was created in the Netherlands.

Saturday's launch marked its first launch in North America. 

Interceptor 007 is expected to collect 30 to 50 tons of trash per year.