Top Property: 20,000 feet of flat property in Hollywood Hills West

One of the largest lots in this particular Hollywood Hills West neighborhood is 7123 Macapa Dr. at just under 20,000 sq. ft. It offers 5,700 sq. ft. of living space and includes six bedrooms, six-and-a-half bathrooms, and a behemoth of a backyard.

More on that in a moment. First, a little about the father-son team that’s responsible for this week’s Top Property.

RC and Oliver Thornton are in the business of building and selling and their latest project is the revitalization of this address. RC describes the interior as a 1970s contemporary with a warmth and sophistication in mind.  

When asked why the 1970s feel, RC says, “I just think that the ‘70s were an era that were free flowing.”

The flow of that indoor outdoor lifestyle is felt in the upstairs master suite – that like the rest of the house offers views of Los Angeles’ most iconic landmarks, including the Hollywood sign, the Observatory, downtown LA, the Hollywood Reservoir, even the Wisdom Tree. 

The master suite shower includes a never-before-seen amenity: a secret door that leads to a cubby designed specifically to hide those unsightly toiletries. Simply brilliant. 

Back to that colossal backyard. As Oliver explains, “We have multiple fire pit areas and water features, sitting sunbed and lounge areas.”  But the fun doesn’t end there. While wading in the pool or spa, you can watch your favorite show thanks to a movie theater-sized outdoor projection screen. There’s also a fully loaded outdoor kitchen/bar, basketball hoop, and last but not least, a one-bedroom guest house.  It’s truly a backyard built to live and enjoy the view.

Asking price for this father and son’s latest labor of love: $8,495,000