TikTok mom reveals she charges her kids rent, sparking controversy

A mom has divided the internet after she shared on TikTok some of the rules she has in her household - one of which includes her kids paying rent starting at age 16.

TikTok user Fawna (@tru_n8v) revealed the parenting rules in response to the question, "What's a parenting rule you have that some people might not agree with?" 

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Fawna begins by prefacing the conversation with a disclaimer. 

"I might lose some followers and probably get some hate but you know, it is what it is."

Fawna then addresses swearing, to which she said, "In my house, at the age of 13, you’re allowed to cuss – as long as you use it in the proper context and you do not disrespect adults."

"And yes, you will say ‘Ma’am’ and you will say ‘Sir’ – you will be respectful."

She also claimed that her kids aren’t allowed to "bother me, talk to me, touch me, nothing" until she has finished her first cup of coffee.

"And yes, they follow that rule and yes, they’re fine," she claimed, before talking about the next rule her kids will abide by starting at age 16.

These, Fawna explained, included getting a job, a driver’s license and paying rent – which Fawna said she would save until whenever the kids would want to move out.

"I will save it until whatever point they decide that they want to move out, I’ll return all the rent they’ve paid to me over the months or over the years and they’ll have a nice nest egg to start."

Comments on TikTok varied from parents supporting the rules to others saying it's too harsh. What do you think?