The Sick Pets Of Porter Ranch

Humans aren't the only ones complaining of problems they say they're having from the Porter Ranch gas leak. Though they can't talk about it, many pets are apparently uncomfortable too. Dr. David Smith says his Northridge Veterinary Center has been packed the last couple of months with dogs and cats presenting symptoms from water eyes and nosebleeds to throwing up.

Rocco has been having those problems. The 9-year-old cockapoo has been living with his human family during the crisis because they haven't been able to find a place where they could have their two dogs and they didn't want to have them kenneled. Finally, they have found an apartment the gas company will cover for them where pets are allowed and the vet says Rocco should do much better.

Then there is Chomper the cat. He and sibling cats belong to Matt Pakucko. Ever since they moved to Porter Ranch, Pakucko says, "all the cats have been vomiting." That changed when they relocated out of the area, but the week they moved back into their Porter Ranch home the vomiting returned and Chomper's nose bleeds started again.

Dr. Smith says, "There's been a lot of sick animals and we think a large number of them are related to the gas leak." Smith says when the gas leak happened cases of vomiting, nose bleeds and respiratory problems in dogs and cats skyrocketed and have stayed at a high level. The Dr. says relocating out of the area may be some of the medicine for eliminating the symptoms.

He doesn't live in the area, but Smith's office is the only veterinarian actually in Porter Ranch. He says he smells the gas and sometimes takes oxygen just to feel a little better. He hopes the well gets capped not just because of what he's feeling, but also the impact on Porter Ranch's pets.

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