Photos show dozens of Florida alligators with 'glowing' eyes at night

Credit: Bobby Wummer, photographer

This is the stuff nightmares are made of!

A Florida wildlife photographer recently got a couple of Instagram-worthy shots of dozens of alligators with "glowing" eyes – at least that's how it appeared.

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Bobby Wummer was at Big Cypress National Preserve last month and snapped the photos using a flash, "because I wanted to illuminate their eyes for the perfect effect."


Credit: Bobby Wummer, photographer

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Although the photos appear to show more gators than we would ever care to come across, Wummer says he still couldn't get all of them that were there in the frame. 

It's not his first time capturing cool shots of the big beasts: Wummer recently shared footage with FOX 35 news of an alligator jumping up and chomping down on his GoPro camera in a video that went viral.