Tenants of West Hollywood apartment left without hot water for several days

Senior and disabled tenants left without hot water for days. And now no water at all!

Wait until you hear what management suggested for those frustrated residents.

In the real world, lack of hot water is more of an annoyance than a problem. On the first day.

After 6 or 7 days ? It's a huge problem, especially if you're disabled or ill or unable to move much.

Such was the situation we encountered at an otherwise impressive apartment building in West Hollywood, built through the ''West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation,'' one of more than a dozen buildings offering subsidized rents and supportive services to residents, who wait on lists to get in.

Seems a variety of problems led to the lack of hot water, from a delay in parts to a personal family emergency on behalf of the building's manager. At any rate, the Community Housing Corp folks saw us at the location talking with exasperated residents and informed us that , even before we got there, they had decided not to wait for far away parts, hired a local contractor who was in the boiler room replacing the whole unit as we spoke, and by mid afternoon the water, which had been off all day as the repairs were made, was back on and heating up.

A small story with a happy ending for the dozens of people who were more than a little uncomfortable, not really thrilled with the offer of showers at nearby buildings, even the West Hollywood pool facility. And I learned a lot about Community Housing.

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