Super Bowl LVII: Get ready for sticker shock, when it comes to game ticket prices

Here's news for football fans that could break their bank!

For people who are looking for a ticket to Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, they better have heavy pockets because prices are skyrocketing, and they are expected to get even worse the closer we get to game day.

Here's a look at the cheapest ticket prices, as of Feb. 8:


On Gametime, the cheapest ticket we could find, with fees and other costs included, was priced at $4,072 - for Terrace 453, Row 11.

The most expensive ticket, also with fees and other costs included, was priced at $43,464, for Main Sidelines 131, Row 1.


For SeatGeek, the lowest-priced ticket we could find was $3,420 - for Terrace 422, Row 19.

The most expensive ticket we can find was for Section 131, Row 1, at $33,374.


On Stubhub, prices start at $3,465 for a seat at Terrace Endzone Section 421, Row 18.

The most expensive ticket we could find - for Main Sideline Zone Section 110, Row 24 - was priced at $32,400.


On Ticketmaster, the cheapest ticket we could find - at Section 452, Row 14 - was selling for $3,500

The most expensive ticket we could find, which was for a seat at Section 131, Row 1, was selling for $37,500


On Tickpick, the cheapest ticket we could find was $4,345 (all-in pricing) for a seat at Section 454, Row 8.

Meanwhile, we also saw tickets that were selling for over $10,000.


At the website VividSeats, the cheapest ticket we can find was selling for $3,246, for Upper Level 405, Row 21.

The most expensive ticket, at Lower Level 109, Row 4, was going for $18,313.

That sounds like a lot of money!

$30,000 is no pocket change for many people, that's for sure, and for the same price, people can buy other things.

According to the website of a Toyota dealer and a Kia dealer in the Phoenix area, the sticker price for some brand-new sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks are in the $30,000 to $40,000 range.

On the website of luxury cruise line Seabourn, a 59-day Antarctica and South America cruise that starts in Chile and ends in Florida in 2024 was on offer for $30,004. The price, however, does exclude taxes, fees and port expenses.

On Arizona State University's website, it shows that an undergraduate student can expect to pay $31,127 to $32,207 for a year of university education, while living on the school's Tempe campus.

Who's buying the tickets?

According to officials with SeatGeek, most buyers are in the Phoenix area.

"You might think, looking at the last 24 hours, that the Kansas City market, the Philadelphia market would really pick up, but we are still seeing a ton of buying from those locally," said Chris Leyden with SeatGeek.

What about season ticket holders?

For season ticket holders with the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles, officials say they will be offered a small percentage of tickets for an unknown price.

What do football fans think about the ticket prices?

Some fans definitely had something to say about the ticket prices.

"I would have to sell a lot of my belongings just to go, but I would love to," said one fan.

"I’m going to be at the casino or at home. It’s a lot cheaper," said another fan.

For some, the money is better spent elsewhere.

"I think my wife would hate me if I even attempted it," said one man, when asked if he would spend that much money to attend the Super Bowl. "This would be better served doing something for my children."

Is there a less costly way to watch the game?

You can watch the game on your local FOX station, for free! (food, snacks, and drinks not included, of course!)

For some football fans, like Ross Cataldi, that is exactly their plan.

"It's too expensive," said Cataldi, who has plans to watch the Big Game from the back patio of his Phoenix home, with a few of his friends.

Besides watching the Super Bowl for free, Cataldi says he has a stocked fridge, and a toilet that never has a line.

Cataldi, it appears, is not alone in planning to watch the game for free.

"I'm going to be lame and watch it at home and avoid all the traffic, and drink from the comfort of my own couch," said one football fan.

Another free option is the Watch Party at Margaret T. Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix.

"People can enjoy it, and leave for a little bit and come back," said Heather Holland with the Super Bowl Host Committee.

Others, however, will be watching the Big Game at a more public setting, like a bar. Some bars are charging a cover to get inside for the big game, and cover charges range from $5 to hundreds of dollars. However, the cost won't be as high as watching the game at State Farm Stadium.

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