Stranger passing out creepy flyers to young girls has parents concerned

A man passing out flyers near a Downey high school has parents in the community concerned.

"My kid was smart enough to say forget you dude," said Ideal Gandarilla, the mother of a Warren High School Senior. "But how many kids are hurting at home, and if he gets to just that one person," she trails off.

"We were walking back to work and he just approached me," said Victoria Avina, who works near Warren High. She said the man handed her a flyer too and said, "Oh, it's your lucky day."

The paper was a flyer to the circus. Inside that, was a handwritten note.

"It said I want to buy you guys stuff with money, pay for nails, hair, all that," Avina pointed out. She said she didn't get the vibe that he was looking to give away things without something in return.

"He was talking to younger girls," she added.

"I was in shock," Gandarilla added. "I was surprised because it happened to me, happened to my kid. Someone came up and gave her a note."

Gandarilla's 18-year-old daughter got the same flyer from the same man.

"He just kind of looked at me," she said of the man. "I opened the flyer and it was a note that said, 'oh hi, my name is Alexis. I'm 23, single. I'm looking to spoil someone. I make good money."

Downey Police said that because the two women are 18 years old and older, what the man is doing isn't illegal. However, if someone younger has been approached, they want to hear from those victims.