Store clerk grabs knife out of would-be robbers' hands, chases him out of store

A would-be robber remains on the run after video showed him holding a Westlake District store clerk at knifepoint before she fought him off last week.

Sayda Ventura works as a clerk at Amaya's Mini Market. On Thursday, Feb. 9, security cameras from the store captured a man in a red baseball cap and black facemask walking behind the store counter before holding a large knife to Ventura's torso. In seconds, Ventura grabbed the knife out of the man's hands and chased him out of the store, yelling. The whole interaction lasted around 15 seconds.

According to Ventura, the man came in to buy deodorant, and as she went to get his change, he stepped behind the counter with the knife. Ventura recalled telling the man as he ran from the store, "I'm killing you if you come back."

Ventura said the man told her to stay quiet and "don't say nothing, don't move because I'm killing you if you say something."

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Ventura works at the store to help pay for college, where she's studying to be a nursing assistant.

The store owner, who spoke with FOX 11, called the clerk brave and courageous for her actions.

The store has a canister of pepper spray behind the counter for situations just like last week's, but Ventura said she didn't have time to think, just to act.

Police said they're searching for the attacker.