SoCal neighbors line up to donate blood for Las Vegas shooting victims

The injuries sustained in the Las Vegas mass shooting Sunday are severe. While the victims recover, their friends, family and neighbors here in Southern California are desperate to help.

On Wednesday dozens showed up at a Santa Clarita blood drive before the doors even opened.

"We heard about Vegas obviously and the need for blood," said Chris Hanzlik who was in line at the Blood drive.

"We live right across the street so we wanted to come over and help out." Some of the folks waiting to give blood knew the victims personally.

"My friend Dominica Zeolla was shot in the chest," said Santa Clarita native Marissa Velasquez. "She was on her friends shoulder enjoying the concert and was shot and her friends found a truck to get her to the hospital. She was just released from the ICU."

Red Cross workers say the turnout this week has been huge. They say if you're healthy and hydrated, you too can donate blood.

You can make an appointment on their website or show up at one of the locations. They have added additional drive locations in Santa Clarita because of the 8 local residents injured in the attack.