Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Chino Airport

A small plane crashed shortly after taking off from Chino Airport Saturday afternoon, officials said. 

It happened around 12:30 p.m., according to the National Transportation Safety Board. The plane, identified as a Lockheed L12, crashed during takeoff. Video taken at the scene showed the fuselage and what appeared to be propellers lying in different parts of the field.

A witness at the scene said that the plane was "no more than 300 feet in the air" when it started banking to the left. "It took a nosedive, and the first part of the plane that hit was the left wing," said Robert. "And what happened was [an] immediate explosion. Like [a] big fireball, black smoke." 

According to the witness, the crash happened during the Pops and Props Father's Day event at Yanks Air Museum.

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As of Saturday evening, officials haven't said how many people were on the plane, or given any information about the extent of anyone's injuries.

The NTSB told FOX 11 that an investigator would be at the scene by Sunday, and the plane would be taken to a secure facility for investigation.

The agency asked anyone with information or potential surveillance footage of the area to contact them by emailing

The NTSB added that while a preliminary report would be expected within 30 days, a typical NTSB investigation can take between one and two years.