Several women accuse comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct

Wow. Another day, another shocking headline involving inappropriate sexual behavior from a Hollywood type.

If you saw today's NY Times, story about Louis C.K. and all the coverage it generated, you know that five women have come forward, alleging the comedian masturbated in front of them (or asked if he could) and was rejected.

That's the simplest explanation in a long detailed series of recollections of uncomfortable and frightening encounters dating back to 2002. Rumors of just this kind of behavior have long been out there regarding this particular individual, which he always dismissed short of outright denial.

He hasn't answered any questions about this today...but the article points out he apologized to those women years later.

Through the years, the fact that his act basically was all about sex, sexual frustration and dysfunction led people to speculate that it was a ''cover'' of sorts for his real-life issues. Seems there may be something to that.

In the meantime, the premiere of his controversial self-financed black-and-white film "I Love You Daddy'', with sexual themes and outrageous language, has been canceled in New York. An appearance with Steven Colbert has also been canceled.

The film itself is still in the pipeline...for now.

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