School Standouts: Drama teaches nurtures and encourages students to believe the sky is the limit

Magic is happening at John Burrows Middle School.

From the lights to the costumes to the acting to the singing, hundreds of local middle school students are giving Broadway a run for its money and it’s all because of drama teacher, Jennifer Heath.

For the past 18 years, Mrs. Heath has been taking center stage and nurturing the creative souls of young budding thespians. She absolutely adores her job and doesn’t consider it “work”. Her running joke is that she will die in her classroom (Room 219) because she loves what she does so much. The best part is that her love is reciprocated. Every single one of her kids adores her and credits her with changing their lives and it shows.

Every ounce of Mrs. Heath’s creative soul goes in to her theater productions. But she can’t do it alone. She relies on ever single one of her students to help each make each performance come together. And when the curtain goes up, it’s magical! The shows are flawless , professional and filled with a whole lot of love.

Theater has the ability to nurture a child’s inner creative spirit, and Mrs. Heath has nurtured thousands of spirits over the years.

Bravo Ms. Heath! We applaud you and all you do to keep the arts alive and growing.