School officials try to find out what made 28 middle school students sick

Valentine's Day treats sickened 28 middle school youngsters. All but three of the South Fulton students are back home. Those three apparently got so sick they remained under doctor's care Friday.

Authorities say they cannot yet confirm suspected drug-laced snacks are what caused the digestive illnesses. One mother allowed FOX 5 News to speak to her daughter. That girl said she tried to warn her classmates to be careful when those snacks were being passed around.

In a statement from the Fulton County education office, a spokesperson wrote:

"We will work with Sandtown [Middle School] students on understanding the potential dangers of eating foods from unknown sources. Although we do not have confirmation of the illness' origin, students reported feeling ill after consuming food or candy."

The snacks that were leftover will be tested by the GBI.

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