Santa Monica police searching for possible serial arsonist

Police in Santa Monica are on the hunt for a potential arsonist after 15 fires were intentionally set in trash cans in alleyways in recent weeks.

Police say there were 8 arson fires on December 22, and 7 more on New Year's Day, in different areas of the city.

"Anytime you're dealing with fire, as you know, it can escalate it can lead to some kind of structural damage or fire, we want to do everything we can to avoid that from happening," said Lt. Saul Rodriguez of Santa Monica PD.

Rodriguez said detectives don't believe this is a case of somebody trying to keep warm during the recent cold weather.

"Given the amount that we've had, although the actual locations have varied throughout the entire city, and the times have also varied, but to have them particularly done on trash cans through parts of the city doesn't lead us to believe it was done because it's cold, it's more it was done for malicious reasons," he said.

Police currently have no leads on any suspects.