2 arrested after rolling gun battle near San Francisco's Pier 39, supervisor says

Two people have been arrested in connection to what's being described as a rolling gun battle between two cars near San Francisco's Pier 39, a supervisor said on Monday.

After speaking with the police chief, Supervisor Aaron Peskin said that police took into custody two people from Pittsburg, who were inside a black SUV – one of the cars involved in Sunday's shooting.

No more information about the arrests was immediately released.  In addition, a white sedan that was also believed to be involved – and the people inside that car – is still outstanding. 

In all, six people – including four bystanders – were injured in the 6:45 p.m. Father's Day shooting by Beach and Stockton Streets in a crime scene that stretched about a mile long. 

Two people were shot, and one of them is believed to have been in the black SUV, officials said. 

In addition to the shooting victims, Police Chief Bill Scott told reported on Sunday that three other people were cut by glass shards after gunfire struck the windows of nearby vehicles; and a 10-year-old girl walking her bike across the street with a 16-year-old was hit by one of the involved cars.

She is expected to be OK.