Riverside's 'Castle Park' transforms into 'Castle Dark' for Halloween

Riverside's Castle Park turns into Castle Dark at night on the weekends creeping up to Halloween.

Anxious for sundown, frightening monsters and goblins are hungry for fresh blood.  

"We’re going back to the 90’s style of haunting and so when you’re here you feel like you’ve stepped back in time… it’s foggy, you hear the eerie music playing and out of nowhere a slider just comes sliding through the fog at your feet," said Joseph Ancheta, Castle Dark entertainment director. 

 Beware of Bones…she’s especially fond of the little ones. 

 "I take them through the dungeon but I don’t eat them. Their bones are too little," said Bones, Castle Dark "scareactor."

It's a nearly 50-year-old hometown tradition.

I thought it’d be safe at the ride park during the day, but I was wrong.

The Castle Dark scareactors told me they’re taking me to Heaven… not the Heaven I was hoping for…but rather Heaven the monster makeup artist to be brainwashed and transformed into one of them.

Heaven Thornton, Castle Dark lead effects artist, reveals the secret to making them so authentically scary.

"Lots of makeup and blood… you can’t have a scary character without a lot of blood."

Come to Castle Dark if you dare and play with Sparkles and Honk.