Residents upset over change in Beethoven market in Mar Vista

To locals in Mar Vista, like Ken Kook, the Beethoven Market is a known staple to the community.

"Pretty historical market in the neighborhood. It’s really endearing for the entire community," Kook said.

However, Kook and other neighbors in the area aren’t all too thrilled with the changes coming to the 70-something year old convenience store. Initially, they thought the business in the middle of a residential community would resemble an upscale, market-style café.

"It looks like it's going to be much more of a bar or kind of a trendy restaurant/bar," Kook said. "What I'm not happy about is it’s going to be a late-night bar."

Paxton Ferrar, a Mar Vista resident, claims the owner of Beethoven Market is applying for a liquor license to sell alcohol as late as 11 p.m.

"I don't like it. This intersection is very dangerous already. We've had like three accidents in the last year," Ferrar said.

Accidents like one two years ago, when neighbors say a car ran a red light and T-boned a school bus.

In a neighborhood with a lot of children, safety is one of many concerns. There's also concern about parking with more people coming into the neighborhood late night rideshares and noise.

"If they were going to be open till 11 [p.m.], that means people will be around till [midnight]," said John Still, a Mar Vista resident.

Still, who lives next door to the market says the changes could keep him and his wife up late at night.

Also, neighbors have started a petition to prevent the new owner from getting his license to serve alcohol.

We reached out to Jeremy Adler, the new owner, for comment. Adler provided this statement:

"As longtime residents of Mar Vista, my family and I have had the privilege of calling this wonderful neighborhood home for close to 10 years. It's a place where we've built our lives, raised our children, and formed deep connections with our neighbors. One of our favorite family rituals has become strolling to Beethoven Market with our kids and dog and meeting and chatting with neighbors along the way.

It's with great love for our community that we embarked on this journey to rejuvenate Beethoven Market. We envision it not just as a place to buy groceries but as a neighborhood restaurant to bring your family, celebrate milestones, make new friendships, and foster connections.

Our dedication to community engagement is unwavering. We have actively sought feedback from our neighbors, hosting open houses and participating in community council meetings to ensure that their voices are heard. It's through these dialogues that we've gleaned insights, such as the need for bicycle stands, which we are eager to implement.

As we eagerly anticipate our opening, we are thrilled to announce our commitment to retaining longstanding employees like Luis and Bernardino, who have been integral parts of Beethoven Market for decades. Their presence not only adds to the market's rich history but also ensures continuity and a sense of familiarity for generations to come.

Beethoven Market has been a cornerstone of our neighborhood since 1949, and we are honored to carry on its legacy of inclusiveness and warmth. We invite our fellow residents to join us on this journey as we breathe new life into this beloved institution.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming everyone through the doors of Beethoven Market soon.

Warm regards,

Jeremy Adler & Beethoven Market"