Residents react to Kamala Harris' historic DNC speech

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, spoke at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night in a historic moment as the first Black and Indian woman to accept the Vice Presidential nomination. 

Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood was packed ahead of the convention, and the majority of people in line were planning to watch the convention. Some patrons shared what they were hoping to hear from Harris. 

"I would like for her to talk about the disenfranchised people and let them know that there's hope, that there's opportunity for all," said Raymond Graham. 

"When you're working minimum wage and you don't have all the necessary resources you need, you need somebody who's going to go out and fight for you and she seems like she's going to do that and I hope that is what she talks about. I know she's for raising the minimum wage and so I'm hoping that is what she talks about, building us up so we can keep moving this economy forward," said Darnell Paxton. 

"I want her to talk about peace and looking out for each other. We're in a world where we need that, especially women of color," said Terri from Van Nuys. 

Some people also wanted her to speak about the importance of voting, and how to get the economy running during the pandemic.