Residents ordered to evacuate during the Anaheim Hills wildfire

It's not the "not knowing" that's the worst...dropping almost everything except for maybe a computer, jewelry, photos, important papers...and then fleeing your home.

You have a few minutes...maybe 10 minutes, to prepare for the rest of your life. As flames get closer, the sky gets darker, the sirens get louder, and your nerves fray. It happens more often than we'd like of course here in Southern California, and it happened again in the Anaheim Hills area Monday morning.

On Monday night, he firefight continues, and thousands remain displaced. We know that ''only'' six homes have been lost, and that's lucky for everyone else, but not for those unfortunate people who at least got out with their lives.

Think about it. Be prepared. Have a plan...even if it's basic and general. Tell your family.

It might save your life.