Reports of new wand ride at Universal

Become a wizard at Universal Studios! The Orlando Business Journal is reporting that Universal Parks & Resorts has patented an interactive ride where you will use a wand to score points and compete with other riders.

We have seen it coming with other attractions, such as the Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. In the next generation of theme park rides, video games and the rides are merging. It appears Universal Studios is trying to be on the forefront, says Inside the Magic's JeniLynn Knopp, with this patent that is very generically named "Video Game Ride."

"This raises the bar and takes it to the next level a little bit," Knopp says. "Wands have been mentioned, along with steering wheels and joy sticks, and in the patent, they mention a 'wizarding' theme type games as a possibility."

It should be noted that Universal seems to be trying to be one step ahead and have the relationship with Nintendo, as well.

"It looks like little pieces are being put in place down the road. It is just a patent and sometimes they don't materialize, but they very well could and this has cool possibilities," Knopp adds.