Red Flag Warnings are in effect for nearly all of Southern California

Extra firefighters are now stationed in critical warnings as the wind and temperatures are expected to increase throughout most of Southern California.

There doesn't have to be a red flag warning for Jack Kasten to worry about wildfires.

"As soon as the wind comes up we worry about it whether there's a red flag warning or not."

His home sits on nearly five acres of land just east of Santa Clarita. To stay safe, they have a roughly eight thousand gallon water tank.

"The bottom half of that tank belongs to the fire department nd we're required by law to keep it full and when the weather comes up like this we keep it pretty full," said Kasten.

Jack also makes sure to keep enough brush clearance around their home with the help of his family's three pet goats.

Just this month, we've seen how explosive and dangerous wildfires can be.
Two weeks ago, a wind fed fire ripped through the Anaheim Hills burning more than seven thousand acres, several homes and forced thousands to evacuate.
And to the north--wildfires killed at least 42 people, destroyed more than eight thousand homes and businesses and forced roughy 100,000 people to flee.
Captain Norman Queen of LA County Fire says those fires are examples of why it is important to have an evacuation plan.

"That means get your medications, get any valuables or family heirlooms, pictures, things of that nature, ready, packed in your car so you'll be set to go."

Red Flag warnings from Sunday until Tuesday means Fire Departments across So Cal have more man power and strike teams on hand ready to respond quickly,
Like they did with a small brush fire in San Bernardino Sunday evening.

In event of immediate evacuation, Cal Fire says remember the 6 P's in your evacuation plan.

1. People and Pets
2. Papers, phone numbers and Important Documents
3. Prescriptions, Vitamins, and Eyeglasses
4. Pictures and Irreplaceable Memorabilia
5. Personal Computers (information on hard drive & disks)
6. Plastic (credit cards, ATM cards, & cash)

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